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Thursday, November, 16th Catering, Food Services

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Seasons Eatings! Cater Your Next Holiday Party

Imagine it, you are sitting there preparing for the upcoming holiday party, and you have one, no… two, no… three, no, you have TOO much to organize and put together for this event. It is that time of the year that you want to truly set off a great holiday party, enjoy friends, family, or your fellow coworkers with the festive feel that only the holiday season brings.

The last thing you want to do is worry and fuss with the food. Yes, there are times where you want to create a culinary masterpiece at home that would make you look like one of those top chefs on the Food Network, and then there are those other times that you just want to let somebody else take care of everything. After all, you want want to spend more time mingling and celebrating the holiday, not focusing on getting the food ready, bringing it all in, and then having to call in the troops to help you clean up the kitchen, house or office afterwards.

We love to help in those occasions. We’re not just a Tempe Catering Service… we do it OG Style! We are proud to prepare great American favorite crave-ables, from pizza and wings, to toasted subs, our “Famous Philly”, and of course healthier fare salads and yummy desserts. The best part is, we can get everything set up before the party, including pricing, food, and delivery time.

Original Geno’s Catering Services in Tempe AZ

Ordering with OG’s is extremely simple! Here is all you need to remember to set up your holiday catering service. You can call us for your order at 480-804-1111, or you can just order online here.

Another great option would be to visit our catering service page and fill out our Event Information form. Fill out if you are going to pick up or have your order delivered, the date of the event, and even build your own order with a specialized catering menu directly on the site. Fill out your information, and that’s it! Once you complete your request, one of our amazing OG Catering Specialists will contact you to confirm and finalize your order.

No doubt about it, this time of the year can be stressful enough when preparing for a party, don’t let the food be one of those issues. Contact us today and let us help you make your next holiday party one to remember, and that means you too!

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