OG’s Toasted Oven-Baked Subs, Best Sandwich in Tempe?

Wednesday, November, 22nd Catering, Food Services, Menu Items

Sandwiches in Tempe

sandwich in tempe - sandwich near me Tempe AZWe are firm believers that not all sandwiches are created equal. In fact, our toasted, Oven Baked subs, just like our Famous Philly and our pizza which we believe is the best pizza in Tempe, are treated with as much detail and consistency as all our menu items to say that we believe we have the best sandwich in Tempe! We want you to taste quality and care with each bite.

Home-Made Bread

The first thing that makes our bread stand out is that it is made fresh daily. Yeah, we know you’ve heard that many times before from other brands, but let’s face it… the bread says it all.  We know that the quality needs to start with that amazing, fresh taste that holds everything together. Nothing like fresh made bread, am I right?

High Quality Meats and Cheeses

Just like our other favorite crave-ables, we don’t go cheap on the meats and cheeses. We know that it is truly what’s on the inside that matters! We buy only the best meats and cheeses, such as using Grande Cheese, which is in our world, the holy grail of cheeses!  Now you don’t get much better than that.

Check out Our Menu to view what we believe to be the best sandwiches in Tempe. View and order today.

Fresh Veggies

We are definitely not fans of weak, limp, and wimpy veggies on our sandwiches, and we know you are not either, so we don’t even begin to top off your sandwich without having the best quality and freshest veggies.  That amazing taste and texture that comes from the fresh lettuce and onion, the beautiful tomato… oh man. Come on!

The “OG” Sauce

Now we have already just stacked the best ingredients on the freshest bread… we are done right? HOLD RIGHT THERE! We have one more unique ingredient that just brings it all together. Our “OG” Sauce is a great mix of zesty and tangy, made with the perfect ingredients to make a light sauce that will make you believe in eating OG style again and again.

OK, Now It’s Time for You to Try it!

Our toasted subs are fully-loaded, packed with fresh ingredients, and definitely not a wimpy flat sandwich. We have 13 varieties and counting of Oven-Baked Toasted Subs and counting, from our Italian to our Cheesesteaks, you can’t go wrong.

We provide dine in, carry out and delivery, and also provide catering in Tempe for you personal or business events!

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