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Original Geno’s: The Best Place to Get the Best Pizza in Tempe AZ

Are you looking for pizza in Tempe AZ? Don’t go elsewhere as the Original Geno’s is just in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. They have also opened a new place in Phoenix, Arizona – a great place to get your lunch, dinner, or even your late-night cravings. This place is just near the Grand Canyon University. So, if I were one of the students studying at that university, I would surely be hanging out by this store to enjoy my heart’s desire – food!

From salads, sandwiches, burgers, and then pizza, Original Geno’s have made it sure that they only serve foods according to their mission. That is to create the best foods that are delivered by a reliable team. There is lots more to discover in their food and service. Let’s find out more.


Why is OG considered the Best?

For those who have been enjoying their cravings at Original Geno’s, you will be saying that this place highly deserves to be considered as the place with the best pizza in Tempe AZ. Original Geno’s or simply OG has all of the great characteristics to be considered as the best in this field.
Aside from pizza, OG offers a deliciously impressive menu jam-packed with great foods. From salads, sandwiches, and burgers, OG also offers fresh salads, deli sandwiches, toasted subs, and their oh-so-yummy cheesesteaks. We don’t know about you but hearing those foods included in their menu; it is already making us salivate and make an order.

Reasons why OG deserves to be on the top of the “best” list:

• OG Pizza comes in various sizes

They say that foods taste best when shared. That is indeed true, and here at OG, they make sure that every customer gets the best slice he or she deserves. You are given various pizza options to choose from. You can go for the 12” medium-sized, large size 14” pizza, or get their XXL 18” pizza for a big celebration! If you want to go for something new from those usual sizes, you can go for New York Style 24” pizza or the deep dish pizza. But for those who just want to treat themselves for accomplishing something for the day, you can order their foot-long slice size pizza. They serve it fresh and hot every day so you won’t be having a sad pizza for the day.

• They serve freshly made in-house bread and dough

One of the things that OG has the right to brag about is their bread and dough. They select only the freshest ingredients to make it in-house, every single day. Everyone is assured that the dough is freshly made by their expert kitchen staff.

• They never used pre-packaged veggies

This is a big no for OG. That is why their staff made it sure that they are getting only the fresh veggies and are prepped at the start of the day. So, their customers are served only with the freshest, crisp, and incredibly delicious dish.

• Signature OG Sauce

pizza in tempeOG is proud to say that their crave-inducing foods come with the special sauce you can only taste at their place. With this sauce, it will certainly add spice and a little bit of zest to your food, adding a more meaningful combination of flavors.

• Have an extended happy hour

Whether it is a celebration with friends, family, or just being you, you will definitely earn a great time. You can choose from their selection of margaritas, wine, or beer. Get a glass or pint plus a warm meal- that is the best combination to enjoy a relaxing night.

• Closer to the community

This is the reason why OG had put up a branch – they want to get to know the locals and be closer to the community. The OG community loves to be closer to the community – another step to look forward to more fruitful years and event and become a family. It had been a part of the company’s mission to serve quality food, and being part of the community will help them to be better in what they do.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, OG deserves to be recognized with another delicious reason –their finest ingredients. Find out more about the ingredients used in making the best pizza in the next paragraph. Enjoy!

What is OG’s secret in coming up with a menu filled with delicious options? Maybe, their secret lies in every ingredient that they used. The magic for creating high-value foods does not just end in combining all ingredients. Every member of OG’s team is dedicated to ensuring that they are giving their best in every food ordered from them.

Great foods are made with great ingredients and love – and when it is OG’s pizza, you definitely love it!

The best ingredients make OG’s the best pizza in Tempe AZ

Mozzarella cheese

One of the reasons why everyone loves the pizza here in OG is because of its mighty ingredient – mozzarella cheese. Have you ever wondered, of all the other types of cheese, why use mozzarella? Well, there are several reasons for it; it is delicate, it has milky flavor, it is smooth, and it has that elastic texture to give that stretchable for every pizza slice. Here in OG, They use 100% of this cheese in every pizza they made – no wonder they are known to have the best pizza in Tempe AZ.

Aside from using 100% mozzarella, there are other varieties of cheese to choose for your pizza topping. You can choose from parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, and feta cheese. Whatever cheese it may be, it will definitely compliment the best OG pizza in the world.

OG Sauce

One of the ingredients that OG made it on their own is their sauce. It isn’t just any other sauce, according to this restaurant; they made one from scratch, every single day. We don’t know the secret ingredients used to make one, but one thing is for sure, we know that the ingredients used are fresh and delicious. Forget the pre-packaged foods like veggies. The OG team ensure that they are serving foods made from fresh ingredients.

Homemade Dough From Scratch Daily

best pizza in tempeJust like their flavorful sauce, their dough is specially made from scratch, every single day. You will notice the quality of dough as well as their bread that they are serving; it is expertly made.

Flavorful Toppings

A pizza will never be called pizza without its toppings. At OG, they give you the freedom to choose and jam-packed the toppings that you like. You can top up your OG pizza with salami, bacon, ground beef, Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, sweet peppers, green peppers, and tomatoes. There is also black olives, onions, mushrooms, anchovies, pineapple, and pepperoncini. To add more kick to the flavor, OG list of toppings also include jalapeños and mild peppers. To make it more special, OG also offers premium toppings to choose from such as chicken, steak, and meatballs.

Seasoned Crust

Even if you are not a “crust” fanatic, you might have a change of hearts when you have a bite of the crust from the best pizza in Tempe. At OG’s, there is no more crust left behind because of their seasoned crust. Their crust comes in flavorful options of the ranch, sesame, butter, and Cajun. You might also be surprised with its explosive flavors to choose from including garlic butter or butter cheese option. The greatness of pizza crust doesn’t just end there. If you ordered their specialty pizza, you have the chance to have this awesome crust for free!
There you have it, the top ingredients for their pizza. Of course, thanks to the amazing team of OG, you will get to enjoy only the best pizza made with fresh and quality ingredients. When OG says it’s fresh, the ingredients are definitely fresh.

Pizza Preparation

How is the best pizza in Tempe AZ being prepared? OG always made their pizza with only the highest quality of ingredients. They treat it as much in every detail to achieve the consistency they have on all the items on the menu. Consistency includes the selection of ingredients and food preparation. The OG staff have made it sure that they are only using the freshest ingredients. Since they ensure freshness, pre-packaged veggies are a big no to them.

In terms of the dough and crust, OG has all the bragging rights to do so. Similar to their sub-bread, they create their own dough, every single day. Save the best one for last, especially the pizza crust. Why? Well, as it is seasoned with various ingredients such as butter cheese, Cajun, and others, there will be no more crust to be left behind. Choose your favorite toppings or select them all – the topping choice is yours. Since you are already paying for a delicious pizza, why not upgrade the toppings and get the premium ones?

Once it is prepared, it is cooking time! It may take a couple of minutes, but with an expert OG staff, you can definitely expect to eat the best pizza, ever!

Customer Service

How great is OG’s customer service? Whether you are ordering online or in the restaurant or, OG made it sure that they can respond easily to the queries of their clients. In their official website, as you can see, the company have listed their landline number and even the location. The restaurant opening and closing schedule are also shown there. So whether you are from Tempe or from Phoenix, you can easily place any dish that you want. But, just make sure that you check on the scheduled time to make sure it is still hot and delicious.

Testimonials From Clients:

Michael P. – “The Perfect Crust”

According to one of the customers, Michael P., he went on OG because of a friend’s recommendation – and he was incredibly impressed with it! He mentioned about the portion sizes of the dish that he ordered and added about the wing sauces. For him, OG sauce is truly a must-try. When you bite at the crust, it may be crispy on the outside but deliciously soft inside – the perfect crust that makes him and his teeth happy. He mentioned the name of the staff that had attended to him during his stay. For him, the OF staff was friendly attentive as well.

Chelle H. – “Family That Loves Pizza”

Another customer, Chelle H., has said that she went to OG with her family. Their first impression was to dine into an awesome restaurant. They were happy with the decision of eating in this place. As a family that loves pizza, they were all excited when they have seen the pizza is placed on their table. OG had given them the pizza that they will definitely be ordering for more. The next time they decide to eat outside, they are sure to drop by the restaurant and buy another best OG’s seller, toasted sandwich.

Through testimonials, everyone can already expect themselves to visit and order the best pizza in Tempe AZ from OG. Another significant detail in the testimonial is about the OG staff. This only proves that OG is true to their words and does what they promised.

To Order or Not to Order … YES!

Is Original Geno’s worthy of being recommended? Well, it is definitely a yes!
If you are finding for a place to eat pizza, then your cravings will be sated as there are lots of restaurants and pizzerias in Tempe, Arizona. One of them is Original Geno’s that offers incredibly delicious pizza and cheesesteaks. They have an impressive menu that includes the most crave-able eats for all ages. For those who haven’t tried their deli sandwiches, well, you should.

If you love all the items that they have on their menu, you can also have them cater for your upcoming events! You can find their contact details on their official website. They have a customizable menu to make sure that you choose only the best dish from OG.

Aside from its impressive menu, one of the strengths of this restaurant is its staff. Customers are looking into a restaurant that offers good food and has good people, and Original Geno’s has both of them. This place deserves to call as a place that has “Best Pizza in Tempe AZ.”